MatrixGold® 2019 adds a new dimension to Gemvision’s advanced CAD solutions. It combines top Matrix® and RhinoGold® features with a simplified and fully customizable interface. MatrixGold® offers you more power, a curated set of tools, an intuitive workflow, and enhanced productivity.

Parametric History

Parametric history is a way of linking configurations made within MatrixGold commands. When you update configurations and complete a dynamic command, any other dynamic commands in use react and reflect those changes, keeping your design intact. By keeping a record of all the commands used in your design, this workflow allows editing at every step of the design process, changing the number of stones, widths, thicknesses, stones shapes, finger sizes, etc. Parametric History will cut design time in half and help to grow your jewelry collections.
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Dynamic Commands MatrixGold

Editable Booleans and Cutters

Booleans are used in CAD software to control the way geometry is subtracted from or added to another piece of geometry. Previously, once you had used a Boolean cutter, your design could no longer be edited. Now, after a union or subtraction, you will be able to keep making changes to the design. This flexibility allows the designer to make changes to a model at any point in the design process.
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Cycles Render Engine

Now you can create beautiful renders with the new Cycles engine. Renders are photo-realistic with beautiful metal and gems
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